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Class -4 Science-Transport and Communication

Class -4 - Science-Transport and Communication

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The place where ships load or unload goods is called:

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Select the correct statement from the following.

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Select the odd one out:

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The train route distance from Kerala to Goa is:

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Which of the following tickets is the air ticket?

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How many names of means of transport are hidden in the given word grid?

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Which of the following carry both passengers and goods?

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Select the odd one out :

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Which of the following is an incorrect match in terms of compatibility of

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E-mail means:

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Cheenu and Geetu were walking on the road. Cheenu was looking at the
different signs given for road safety. She told Geetu that people were not
following the road signs, which was not good for them also. She saw a no entry sign but a car was entering there forcefully. Which of these road signs did she see?

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The picture shown below, indicates which type of communication?

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The bridge shown in the given picture is:

1. Different from a bamboo bridge because a bamboo bridge is a
permanent bridge but this is not.
2. Similar to a bamboo bridge because both are not permanent bridges.
3. Different from a bamboo bridge because this is made up of bricks and iron rods and is a permanent bridge but a bamboo bridge is not.
4. A permanent way to cross water.
Choose the correct statement:

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Choose the correct statement:

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Which mode of communication can be used as audio and video both ways?

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This airport was constructed in an area of 865 acres of land, which belongs to HAL and the Airports Authority of India

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The persons shown in the following figures belongs to which transport

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Which of the following road signs is associated with the transport service whose professionals are shown in the given picture?


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Camel is used for transportation in:

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Air hostess profession is related to:

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