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class-4-Science – Work, Force and Energy

class-4-Work, Force and Energy-1

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If the resultant force acting on a body of constant mass is zero, the body's momentum is:

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Mark the action in which work is being done:

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The following is a diagram of a simple electromagnet.

How could this electromagnet be made stronger ?

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Rahul is applying force on a moving object in the same direction, the speed of the object:

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Why we sprinkle talcum powder on a carom board?

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Choose the wrong statement among followings

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A ________ jet travels faster than sound.

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Air pressure is measured with a(n)

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What happens to the total energy of a moving object if all the applied forces are conserved?

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When we throw a ball into the air, it falls back. The force responsible for this is:

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These products of nature are limited. Resources such as coal and oil are which means that when they are gone, nature cannot make them again. It is very important to limit their use and find other resources to replace them.

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In which of these activities, the sense of hearing is least important?

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Look at the following picture carefully. First identify the picture. The
machine is a combination of two simple machines. Which simple
machines combine to make it?

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Look at the lever below.

Which object has the similar working principle as the above leves.

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As defined in physics, work is done:

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In which of the following situations no work is done ?

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While walking, some or all of the following types of energy and work are involved:

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Electricity traveling through a wire is an example of

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Two girls playing table tennis. First girl hit the ball over the net and at a Point say 'T', the other girl hit it back with a lot of force.
What would happen at point 'T'?

1) The force caused a change in the size of the ball.
2) The force caused a change in the direction of the ball.
3) The force caused the ball to stop moving

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The works by using fuel derived from living and dead biological organisms.

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class-4-Work, Force and Energy -2

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What is Nuclear Energy ?

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Blow at a plastic toy windmill and then hold it under a tap from which water is dripping. Which of the following, this activity is trying to show ?

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As you go up a mountain top, your weight :

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The part of a nuclear power plant that prevents thermal pollution of lakes or rivers is the :

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To measure the weight of milk, which of the following units can be used ?

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A calorimeter is used for :

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The mechanical energy of a freely falling object is the difference

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Which of these contain(s) an electromagnet ?

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Which of the following is NOT an SI unit of measure ?

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Which of the following gadget is used to measure temperature?

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