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International Science Olympiad

The National Science Olympiad starts with an examination held at nearly 1400 schools across the country and culminates with the international Olympiads at different corners of the world. The national level examinations are designed to assess conceptual understanding, logical reasoning, laboratory skills, and above all, the ability to apply problem-solving skills to novel situations, both theoretical and experimental. Training is included from the third stage of the programme and the first two stages do not necessarily require any specialised coaching outside the regular school system.

International Olympiad of Science (iOS) is that event of the Foundation which has captured the imagination of the budding talents of our upcoming generation. Since its very inception, the event has received rave reviews from the teachers and taught alike. It is a test of competence and proficiency in Science and is held annually at the National and International levels, based on syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ ICSE and the other State Boards. Apart from syllabus, a part of test paper is based on the Applied Science. The tests at local or regional level do not provide the right insight and judgement about the challenges ahead. iOS builds a solid foundation for school students to excel in Science based on ICSE, CBSE and State board syllabus. A comprehensive report based on Olympiad examination enables students to deliver deeper into their strengths and weaknesses and also motivates them towards excellence.